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 Chapter 12: Paris



Hey everyone, it’s me, MaguMagu-chan!  Today I’m in Paris visiting Chartier.  Decorated in the fashion of the 20th century Belle Époque, it’s hardly changed a bit since it was established in 1896, and in 1989 it was recognized as a historical landmark.

こんにちは、まぐまぐちゃんです。今日はパリのシャルティエに行ってみるまぐ! 1896年創業当時からほとんど変わってない、20世紀初頭ベルエポック調の装飾で、1989年には歴史的建造物として認定されたよ。

It feels like the Paris you’d see in an old movie, and it has a great atmosphere for a cheap Parisian eatery.


Not only is the restaurant dear to locals, but it’s also extremely popular with tourists, and as soon as the doors open the tables are full and there’s a line of people waiting to enter.  But because the seasoned garçon flit so efficiently around the restaurant, we were able to get a table relatively quickly.


Of course, since it’s so crowded everyone has to share a table with other customers, and I got the chance to talk to the lovely elderly couple visiting from Germany that was seated next to me.



When it originally opened, it mainly catered toward blue collar workers, and the store apparently offered up large pots of boiled meat and vegetables made into a warm, chunky soup called ”bouillon.”


Even today, compared to other restaurants the prices are unbeatably low and the potage appetizer of the day (Potage du jour maison) is just 1 euro!  The entree itself is under 10 euro and is a heaping portion.  These days there aren’t many restaurants where you can eat at this sort of price.

現在もパリの他の店と比べてもかなり価格が安く、前菜の本日のポタージュ (Potage du jour maison)は1ユーロ! メインも10ユーロ以下のものでも、かなりボリュームがあって、今時この値段で食事ができるレストランはほとんどないまぐ~。

Perhaps most noteworthy in Chartier is the black-vested, long and white apron-wearing veteran garçon busily moving about.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen such lively, enthusiastic French people working.


The garçon jot your order on your paper tablecloth, and they even scribble up your bill right there as well.


Since this concept of delicious food and good service at a reasonable price was established 100 years ago, customers continue to cherish it and over 50 million meals have been served.  Catching a glimpse of the pride amassed from layers of history was really cool!




Address: 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009
Metro Access: Grand Boulevard (L8 or L9)
Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am to 10:30pm
Phone: +33 1 47 70 86 29
URL: www.bouillon-chartier.com


eatery – 大衆食堂
historical landmark – 歴史的建造物
seasoned – 年季が入った
flit – 素早い動き
cater – 応じる、迎合する
chunky soup – 具入りスープ
unbeatably - 無敵の
portion – 食糧
jot – 手早く書き留める
scribble – 走り書きする
snout – 顔肉
vinaigrette – ヴィネガー漬け

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