ブレイキング・バッド 第1話 高校教師がドラッグ製造販売!?


ブレイキング・バッド 第1話 高校教師がドラッグ製造販売!?


I am going to go on record and say that Breaking Bad is the best TV drama to ever grace the airwaves. At least, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen. Breaking Bad is the only series I can think of where every season improves upon the last without fail. Yes, other series have scored higher Nielsen ratings, but this show is unbelievably, undeniably good, all the way to the very last.


Emmy Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston stars as Walter White, a brilliant high school chemistry teacher with a grim prognosis after he’s diagnosed with inoperable Stage III lung cancer. To provide for his family, he applies his knowledge to cooking crystal meth and begins a long, dark journey into the world of the drug trade.


But it’s not just about the drugs. Breaking Bad’s strength is in its complex characters and their equally complex relationships. Watching the evolution of a man faced with certain death and the effects of his downward spiral on those around him… well it’s no wonder that the series has already spawned a spin-off. Rather than gush any further, I will just say simply that Breaking Bad has raised the bar.


In episode one, Walter learns he has cancer. As realization dawns and he begins to concoct a plan, he goes for a ride-along with his DEA brother-in-law as they perform a drug bust on a meth house. In a strange turn of events, he sees his former student Jesse Pinkman flee the scene.


In the following scene, Walter confronts Jesse about the drug bust.

Walter H. White: It’s me. I’m alone.

Jesse Pinkman: How’d you find me?

Walter H. White: You’re still in our filing system. So your aunt owns this place right?

Jesse Pinkman: I own it.

Walter H. White: No one’s looking for you.

Jesse Pinkman: Why are you here?

Walter H. White: I was curious. Honestly, I never expected you to amount to much, but methamphetamine? I didn’t picture that. There’s a lot of money in it, huh?

Jesse Pinkman: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Walter H. White: No?

Jesse Pinkman: Not a clue.

Walter H. White: ”Cap’n Cook?” That’s not you? Like I said, no one is looking for you.

Jesse Pinkman: Look, I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, Mr. White. I mean, if you’re planning on giving me some bullshit about getting right with Jesus by turning myself in…

Walter H. White: Not really.

Jesse Pinkman: High school was a long time ago. You ain’t ”Welcome Back Kotter”, so step off. No speeches.

Walter H. White: Short speech. You lost your partner today. What’s his name – Emilio? Emilio is going to prison. The DEA took all your money, your lab. You got nothing. Square one. But you know the business and I know the chemistry. I’m thinking… maybe you and I could partner up.

Jesse Pinkman: You want to cook crystal meth? You and, uh… and me?

Walter H. White: That’s right… or I turn you in.


go on record 【自動】- 公言する
grace the airwaves – 放送される
without fail – 欠かさずに
undeniably 【形容】 – 紛れもない
to the very last – 最後まで
grim 【形容】- 厳しい
prognosis 【名】 – 予後
inoperable 【形容】- 手術不可能
certain death – 絶体絶命
downward spiral – 悪循環
spawn 【他動】 – 生み出す
gush 【自動】 – ペラペラしゃべりまくる
raise the bar – 水準を上げ
dawn 【自動】 – 理解され始める
concoct 【他動】 – 作る
ride-along 【名】 – 連れて行くこと
flee 【他動】 – 逃げる




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